System Consulting and Design Services
Software Services
Hardware Services
Wired and Wireless Networking Services
IT Services
Additional Services

System Consulting and Design Services:

New computer purchases
Broadband connection decisions
Network design consultations
Security solutions such as firewall, DMZ, gateway and IPS
PC Upgrade, Service, and Repair
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Software Services:

Diagnose and repair operating system problems
Diagnose and remove viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware and trackware
Diagnose and if possible repair hardware problems and conflicts
Install new software or software upgrades
Install, upgrade and/or patch operating systems
Configure email reader software such as Outlook, Outlook Express and others
Configure operating systems and networks for better security Complete system restoration (System Restore of OEM software)
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Hardware Services:

Install and configure new hardware (internal or peripheral)
Perform system hardware upgrades including memory, storage or CPU and more
Troubleshoot defective or malfunctioning hardware
Resolve printing problems or conflicts and configure printer sharing
Service for laptops and desktops
Custom built computer from client supplied parts

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Wired and Wireless Networking Services:

Install and configure networking hardware, software and cables
Router, switch, hub, firewall and wireless access point installation and configuration
Install and configure broadband hardware and software for high speed Internet connections
Setup simple file sharing
Design, implement and configure a wireless network
Configure operating systems and networks for better security

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IT Services:

Design and implement an effective backup procedure
Standby power system installation [UPS]
Basic web site design
Web site usability evaluation
Web site optimization for search engine inclusion
Design and implement a document imaging system

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Additional Services:

Computer recycling services

Audio and video equipment installation and configuration [TV, stereo, surround, VCR/DVD]

Video Surveillance consultation, installation and confinguration.

Much Electric City Consulting regarding your unique situation or problem.


Pricing: $75.00/hour for general services [1 hour minimum].

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